Who we are?

YogaNipat.com is a project with the meeting of two technologies:

  1. the Yoga
  2. the information and communication technologies

In fact, the new information and communication technologies (internet, smartphone, ...) are useful, wonderful and precious tools for broadcasting knowledge. Yoga is a very ancient art which is a passion for us. This website is an online fusion of Engineering tools with Yoga knowledge. After many travels around Europe, America and India in order to learn around Yoga, this project has come. The aim of this website is to broadcast Yoga for as many people as possible. It can be a good complement for already Yoga student or allow new people to discover this discipline before to fallow a serious instructor.

Yoga is not only for physical body but also for developing the mind and spiritual lifestyle. Relaxation and meditation help in this way.

Nitap means Friend in Amerindian language. Before of a syllable inversion error, the word Nipat was borned. It has last so it is it. YogaNipat is your Yoga friend in order to share and to build a community around Yoga.

YogaNipat.com want to be simple as possible for practicing Yoga and to learn new subjects around it (nutrition, philosophy, psychology, Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Tantra, the subtil Kundalini energy and so on, ....).

Please be grateful for receiving Yoga knowledge. If you want to share any aditional information or suggestion please contact us with the Contact form. You can also share practice of classes with comments.

Hari Om

YogaNipat.com team