General terms of uses

1. Users:

1.1. Teacher

This is a user which can create Yoga classes.

1.2. Student

This user of the website is a user which can practice Yoga which is the content of the website.

2. Content

The website brings practical and informative contents around Yoga, spirituality and life style. Yoga is ancient techniques for the body, mind and soul from India. The content respect this culture.

3. Conditions for student for using the content of the website

Yoga and relaxation are ancestral arts from which the learning need an expert of Yoga.

By choosing to use  the content of the website you choose consciously that every wrong practice caused by the use of the content of this app is your strict own responsibility.

You cannot take the editor of this website responsible of a bad use of its content. The use of this website is done in complementary of a good Yoga teacher.  Yoga has to be practice with the advice of a doctor before to be done and Yoga cannot be substitute of any medicine.

You cannot bring responsibility of the editor if your device get any problem during the execution of this website.

If you feel any pain even as small as exist please stop the practice and consult directly a doctor. Yoga works slowly, gentleness on your body. Please follow the guided instructions and do not work by steps or by forcing your body. The slowness of the movements allow you to feel more your body and to stop at a point where there is no pain, no contraction and it allows you to not overstretch your own limits. You accept from these conditions that you accept to do slow, control, gentleness and consciouss movement in order to not go over your limits which can hurt yourself. This is important to visualize the all class first before to practice and if you do not understand or know any exercises please do not practice the all class. Be aware to listing instruction careful before that is your turn to practice. If you have any doubt about any instruction in this apps, do not practice the exercise.